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Explore from January 22nd till February 16th, 2014
​  I Nicolas CLAUSS

Monographic exhibition and installation / Lux, national stage of Valence - France

Nicolas CLAUSS's digital paintings, with pictures and sound, and his generative or interactive installations constitute a universe made by overlappings of textures and stamps, where get involved painting, photography, video, sound and algorithms.VIDEOGRAPHIES explore in various directions the concept of "random videography". Videography because the filmed material is both explored in its temporal dimension and in its spatial dimension (as a map or a landscape). Random because the modes of exploration of these videographies lean on writings which integrate the fate algorithmics. [video]

mp2013-fondation Vasarely-tropique-Etienne REY-installation art

Credit: Nicolas CLAUSS

In these seven artworks, three of which are creations, video becomes a landscape in movement, pictorial or not, without beginning nor end and where duration is dilated. His researches meet those of the composer clarinettist Sylvain KASSAP in the installation ANTSCAPE: a pictorial and musical artwork for several screens where sound and visual scores have a dialogue between them, leaving a large space for random dimension. "Mental landscapes", these paintings in movement invite the spectator in a sensitive, dreamlike and contemplative experience.
mp2013-fondation Vasarely-tropique-Etienne REY-installation art
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