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bureau Olivia s. sappey d'anjou



visual artists' agent


art project coordinator


Photo credit © James Robinson


He is a French visual artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Maxime Ansiau’s approach supports a double quest, the desire to reveal the hidden beauty of the objects which surround us and the search for meaning. His creations suggest a delicate evocation, a subtle logic, which is the connivance between the subject and the material.


Guided by his aspirations and discoveries, Maxime Ansiau never stops working the material, of any kind. The Kant’s quotation "Give me the material only, and I shall build you a world" applies perfectly to his artistic approach of which the exploratory appetite has already led him to deal with glass, ceramic, linoleum, plastic, cardboard and paper.


Using as a pallete the range of effects and colors of the raw material chosen, Maxime Ansiau creates pictorial solutions with optical diversions which lead the raw material back to its origin. Thus, he establishes a logic pattern between form and content. Through analogy, he questions our relationship to our environment. 

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