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If talent is to humans what exchange is to creation, the accompaniment is its suppOrt,

art is a universal vector of messages; only certain talents can reveal the unique impact. bOssa TALENTS exists to bring to the foreground the briO and the uniqueness of plastician artists.

Olivia Sappey set up bOssa TALENTS in October, 2012 after 8 years as marketing-communication director within the L'Oréal group.
Passionate about contemporary art, Olivia Sappey wants to encourage the meeting between artistic creative actors and their institutional counterparts and to start the momentum of an enriching and fluid dialogue between these universes.

The Office has to create a link and to build exchange between the multiple actors and carriers of the artistic creatiOn.

​"Among artists, I give attention to the human who does the artwork as well as to the artwork itself."          
                                                                                                                                                                    Vincent Van Gogh

A perspective: to develop a fluid and relevant partnership,

to contribute to the sense and integrity of a project and to serve

to fulfill human being, its culture and its periOd.



To articulate the strategy and​​​​​​​

develop guidelines of a ​​​​​​​​​​project



To allow coherence between the initiator's idea,

the artistic intention and its realization



To harmonize the creative approach within the constraints of diverse stages of the project

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