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Crédit photo © Guia Besana

Romain de SOUZA

This metal sculptor lives and works in Paris.


Romain de Souza loves bodies and movement so much so that he freezes them for eternity. His sculptures combine tradition and innovation, mastery and random, material softness and brute force of effort. They resemble the sketch, trying to find the lightness of the ‘entrechat’ dance gesture, the immediacy of a movement in a few brass assembled lines. Every rod is a pencil stroke which appropriates the space around him.

Far from trends, involving his soul in a fired dialogue with metal, he instigates fate to address it with technical control, until the shape harmony satisfy the greatness of the themes which inspire him. Then, ultimate reward, enjoyment irradiates its artwork and transcends the pain which carries it. Tortured feet of the dancer conquering sky; gnarled, skinny, solitary hands which look for themselves and join in love or in prayer; uncertain face to face between faces and time; thorax perforated on the mystery of our entrails: every sculpture of Romain de Souza celebrates grace in which the bruised body rises.The brass, copper and iron impulses densify space and transform it. While remaining loyal to figurative art, these sculptures do not they half-open the doors of abstraction?

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