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Photo credit © Anne Djebrouni


She is a visual artist and a photographer of French and German extraction living and working in Paris.


Artistic creation has been an integral part of Sarah SCHMIDT-WHITLEY’s life ever since she discovered the magic of photographic effects while developing negatives in a dark room in Austria at the age of 19. The artist works with various techniques: photography, painting, video, sculpture or immersive installations in order to create an unrealistic world, arouse emotion, develop a message and remind us that our eye is creative. She creates a third dimension in her photographs, using material such as tissue paper, Plexiglas or light to form a volume.

Her artwork centres on the process of metamorphosis and the perception of reality. She draws her inspiration from everyday life seen from the viewpoint of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience. Recently, she has become interested in developing projects for public places. Her approach follows in the lineage of artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, David Altmejd and Jean-Michel Othoniel with whom she shares the idea that “giving poetry to life” is “a political and poetic act” which allows her to convey her humanistic vision of the world.

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