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Anne-Flore CABANIS

A visual artist, lives and works in Paris, France.

Since 2001, she draws a random plan in the pen on paper. This writing obeys simple rules: a line drawn freehand which does not cross and whose angles are always right angles. The result is organic and suspends the attention in an introspective floating.
From 2005, she translates this language in space by making it take various forms: performances, sound artworks, in situ collages with adhesive tape and installations in volume of stretched lines.
The in situ interventions of Anne-Flore Cabanis play with the architecture of private or public places. By breaking a visual silence, they reveal the presence of chosen invisible movements. The artist creates appearances and disappearances of lines and colors which open a reading, give a direction, propose a moment of reflection on the traffic of bodies, look or thought. She made her first in situ collage with adhesive tape during an exhibition in T5 of the JFK airport in New York in 2004.
Her projects recently brought her to intervene in the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, in a district of Brussels, at the station of Metz, at the Filature of Mulhouse and in the city of Taipei, Taiwan.

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