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Photo credit © Jennifer Westjohn


A multimedia artist, lives and works in Paris, France.
" (...) Eric Michel questions our relationships with reality, playing on the border of material and immaterial, as an intermediary, a "boatman", according to his words. But he is particularly conscious of the inaccessibility of the aim he is trying to reach. The only important issue for him is exploration. (...) Unlike the charismatic Yves Klein who offered us "ashes of his art", Eric Michel is decided to make us share his physical and spiritual experiences.
At first, the haptic dimension of his work surprises and this sensation with "eye’s touch" invades us. An emotion, an internal echo comes to add to this purely physical effect. The light source which enlightens, which reveals -recurring issue in art history- becomes a subject itself and finds its magnetic power in monochrome and fluorescent colors. (...) The artist destabilizes our perception and succeeds in creating "particular visual states" as said Donald Judd about Dan Flavin. (...) The subject is evacuated for the effect benefit. Eric Michel invites us to experience the Depth; but what the Depth otherwise something unspeakable? "
Rebecca François
Contemporary art historian
Exhibition Assistant Curator,
Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art of Nice, France

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