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Photo credit © Cyrille Weiner

Etienne REY​

A visual artist, lives and works in Marseille, France.
The reading of reality by the viewer is the main subject of the work of Etienne Rey. Through his installations and sculptures, he distorts what seemed to be the basis for understanding a given context. In his work, it is above all a question of perception, of point of view and of a form of sensory experience. Light, whether natural reflecting on filtering and diffracting materials, or artificial playing with darkness and mist, is an essential vector of this metamorphosis. Etienne Rey uses the optical properties of glass or patterns to open the frames of the apprehension of an environment, so his installations when they are deployed on the scale of a facade or a square redefine the materiality. Screen, frame, blur, turbulence, vortex or reflection are some of the items of his plastic vocabulary. They are the tools of this transfiguration of reality. 
His work is represented by the Denise René Gallery. His works are approached in an in situ dimension in direct link with the spaces in which his work is presented. He also develops perennial pieces in the public space.

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