Photo credit © Cyrille Weiner

Etienne REY​

Visual artist, lives and works in Marseille, France.


Etienne Rey’s work explores the notion of space. The issue is to generate perception displacement. Place and environment, in situ and architecture, are organized for creating spatial structures through movement and increasing points of view.

The artwork is perceptual, it can be approached without particular knowledge, in a search for universality. Each of its installations explores a phenomenological experience, and spreads spaces, sometimes unstable, where everything evolves permanently according to the surrounding environment, to the natural light, to the time of day, to the position of the observer, to his/her point of view, of hi/her movements. The mixture between reflections and matter plunges us into an optical and sensory confusion.

Every artwork could define itself as a mirror which allowed to renew our look. Endowed with these constant perception changes, its approach evokes the dangers of a thought which would build itself by ignoring doubt.