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11072019_Gilles_c_A.Detienne_031-avec copyright.jpg

Credit photo © Augustin Detienne


A visual artist, architect and landscape designer, lives and works in Paris.
A graduate of the Paris Belleville School of Architecture and the Versailles Landscape School, Gilles Brusset creates artworks that articulate different fields (landscapes, architecture, urbanism, engineering). His artworks are inscribed in public and collective spaces; they give form to a shared imagination, and make a common work. 
In situ, they express the singularity, the identity of their site (geology, morphology, history, symbols, geography, etc.). Their production often calls upon local craftsmen and know-how. They frequently play with the topography of the sites. The contour lines are then a tool for drawing and visual composition.
His artworks are not objects placed somewhere, they are part of the space and compose with the times of perception, making the duration a reserve of successive aesthetic events.
Many of them are at the interface between sculpture and landscape. To denominate them, he invented the category of "sculpture-landscape".

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