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Photo credit © PY Brest


A visual artist, lives and works at Montreuil, France.

Her artistic research is in the field of digital humanities, at the crossroads of social sciences, arts, literature and information technologies, as objects of study in themselves.
Between visual and living arts, Magali Desbazeille's practice questions their transversality. She intervenes in exhibition space, in urban space and also on the stage of the performing arts. For in situ artworks, she fully takes into account the function of the places and associates the users during the artistic design.
In recent years, her investigations have mainly focused on the articulation between document and art. She creates projects from a documentary collection of archives and interviews with researchers or users. This approach is a way for her to offer an artistic response to the question of access and transmission of knowledge.
Language is one of her central concerns, for its societal, intimate and poetic aspect. Her attention is focused more specifically on the impact of new technologies on written-oral languages, from Socrates to SMS, and on the major anthropological changes that these media technologies are bringing about.

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