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Crédit photo © Pierre-Gilles Lombard


Vincent BREED

Dutch glass artist, he lives and works near Lyon.


Coming from an artists' family, Vincent BREED practised sculpture from an early age and discovered glass during his studies at the Decorative Arts of Strasbourg. A trade-guild near well known glass Masters leads him to start his own workshop in Lyon, in 1999.

To satisfy his taste for the thought and mastered forms, he focuses on blowing, the noblest glass medium. Perfectionist, he approaches glass as contemporary visual artist by playing with colors, reflection, even image, which he incorporates by silvering.

Beyond his own creations, he collaborates with architects, designers and artists: Yves SAINT-LAURENT, Jean NOUVEL, Matali CRASSET, Hilton McCONNICO, Paul BOCUSE, Noé DUCHAUFOUR-LAWRANCE, Toni CHI...

His work was exposed at the Glass Museum of Murano, at the Murano Hotel of Paris, at the Design Center of NYC and also in Monte Carlo, Beirut, Moscow, Hong-Kong or Shanghai.
Vincent BREED was the unique professional representative of the French glass art at the Biennial of Contemporary Art at Venice in 2011.

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