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Embark November 16th through December 15th, 2013
​  I Etienne REY

Exhibition Trouble Makers : Sensation Versus Digital / 104, Paris - France
within the framework of NEMO Festival of Arcadi Île-de-France

When light becomes matter... The visitor is submerged in a misty space sculpted by sound and light. During this sensory experience, ordinarily invisible materiality is made tangible. A brain equipped with perceptive intelligence was designed to react to the variations in activity in the installation, constructing plays of light and a dynamic space where our behaviour and every movement we make disrupts and enriches the device’s pre-existing elements. This mobile architecture reshapes our relationship with space, creating a very personal visual and emotional experience. [video]

mp2013-fondation Vasarely-tropique-Etienne REY-installation art

Credit: Etienne REY

The project's ambition is to gather artists and scientists interested in common problems concerning the perception around the subject of creation: a researcher in neurosciences, Laurent Perrinet, an engineer in captation, Julien Marro-Dauzat, a composer, Wilfried Wendling. ​
mp2013-fondation Vasarely-tropique-Etienne REY-installation art
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