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Visit November 12th through 27th, 2013
TERRES ARBITRAIRES (arbitrary lands)  I Nicolas CLAUSS

​​​Immersive exhibition / L’ESPAL, Le Mans - France
within the framework of Illumination(s), a Ahmed Madani's play - representations: November 6th and 7th

The installation plays out in a bright and soft black and white 300 co-constructed portraits of young people who live in the North brick, in the concrete of Evry or the suburb cities of Marseille. These staged bodies, which directly address the camera and consequently the spectators, play the socially constructed stereotype of the "young person of the suburbs". [video]

mp2013-bibliotheca alexandrina-fès-Nicolas CLAUSS-installation vidéo

Credit: Nicolas CLAUSS

28 synchronized screens compose an amphitheater where the names of 1200 districts of 751 Sensitive Urban Zones inventoried by the French State appear randomly. A sound creation composed of 200 fragments reconstitutes the media noise around suburb cities: 1950's advertising for suburban housing complexes, extracts from television news, political speeches, sociologists' analysis, tensions, paradoxes, contemporary mythologies and suspended silences…

" We still have arbitrary lands " Aimé Césaire (Cadastre, Ode à la Guinée)
mp2013-fondation Vasarely-tropique-Etienne REY-installation art
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