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Crédit photo © Michel Chansiaux


Visual artist, lives and works between Paris and Lyons, France.


Maflohé Passedouet is in charge of the artistic direction of the Mobilis-Immobilis Company which is dedicated to contemporary creation, mixing multimedia, digital arts, live performance and visual arts.

Her creations address the issue of relationships between body and the most recent digital technologies. Body, this natural interface which connects us dynamically with the world, was at the heart of her issues from the beginning of her work as a visual artist.

She collaborates with multidisciplinary professional artists and personalities of scientific research with the desire to open the field to new artistic experiments to develop interfaces between the body and the existing and emergent technologies.

Maflohé also creates interactive installations (in association with researchers, programmers, sound artists) among which the main themes are the perception disorders, the senses synesthesia, the spatiotemporal marks loss.
Her artworks are exhibited in France and abroad (Bruxelles, London, East Europe...).

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